Private Sessions

Side-lying restorative pose plus Reiki equals deep relaxation.
Photo by Araw for Urban Zen Foundation.

Private or semi-private integrative therapy sessions consist of a personalized mix of yoga asana (some energizing, some restorative, depending on need and capacity; movement can be streamlined to in-bed or seated, as well), breath-awareness exercises, meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki and contemplative care. These sessions are an amazing way to jumpstart recovery and/or ease discomfort, and are particularly helpful for individuals who are processing injury, illness and/or trauma.

Additionally, private or semi-private sessions can be used to create an optimal self-care program or to maintain everyday health and well-being. They can deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation. There’s really nothing like individualized attention to explore your way, with humor, through places where you’re stuck!

We really, really tried to fit in a dedicated room for private sessions in the studio, but one particular wall could not be moved to create space. Still, we occasionally are able to do sessions here at the studio when no regular classes are scheduled, and can also visit you or a loved one at home, in the hospital, in hospice or other care facility.

Write us at to schedule a session with Stephan or Ingrid.

1-Hour Private Session in the studio: $150
1-Hour Private Session outside of the studio: $200 plus potential travel fee