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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

New To Our Studio
Our studio is open to all levels of practitioners. We offer many different types of resources for health and wellness. To learn more, talk to us or consider booking a private session with either of us. Below is some basic information you may be wondering about:

Lineage or Style:  Read our About Yoga section if you haven’t already. Our studio is not associated with a particular school of yoga. Our teachers teach smart sequences both for well-rounded classes and those with a particular focus. Most of our classes fall under the umbrella of alignment-based vinyasa, although there is variation from teacher to teacher, class to class. Two of our classes are pure Iyengar style, which are an amazing way to deeply explore one pose at a time. Come check all our teachers out!

Free Classes:  We offer classes by donation (no minimum required) each week. They are listed as Community Classes and Meditation Sessions on the schedule. We also offer a limited amount of volunteer opportunities. Please talk to us if you are interested.

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New To Yoga
We love working with beginners! When you arrive or call in, we’ll speak with you to determine how we can support your needs. (If you’re looking at scheduling ahead of time, it is wise to begin with Level 1, chair classes (please don’t reject chair classes because they’re “not for you” — they are an excellent, powerful and often intense way to start or restart your practice!) or Urban Zen restorative classes to get used to the language and physical shapes of a yoga practice.) We have everything you need here at the studio to begin your practice, so come on in! That said, some people are particular about the clothing they wear, the mats they use or the water they drink, so be comfortable and use us as a resource.

Clothing:  Generally, wear either loose-fitting clothing that’s easy to move in or snugger yoga/sports gear, whatever makes you feel content (santosha). If your clothing is too loose, it may get in your way.

Footwear:  Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Shoes inhibit full muscular movement in our feet. We want our feet to move, open up and get strong by feeling and gripping the floor!

Jewelry:  While jewelry can be worn at your discretion, you may find that it distracts your attention or hampers your movement.

Chanting:  Some of our teachers include Sanskrit words or chanting into the classes. Please ask the teacher if you need any terminology clarified. If you are uncomfortable chanting, don’t! No worries. If you’ve never chanted, explore what it is about, hum along. You may find that chanting helps you breathe better, relaxes you and fills you with energy.

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Studio Etiquette
The following studio etiquette guidelines are to serve our collective experience. May our time together be pleasing and with purpose.

Arrive on time for class, allowing ample time to settle in and set up your practice space before the start of class.

Turn off all electronic devices that ring, buzz, vibrate, light up or otherwise divert our attention.

Kindly do not leave during savasana (final relaxation pose). It is highly disruptive to everyone else in the space who is being still and silent. If you must leave before the conclusion of class, please be mindful of the space and quietly tiptoe out before the start of savasana. It really is worth it to stay. Really. Try it. It’s actually the best part of class.

Please be aware of odoriferous products. Our space is intimate and we each have a different threshold for particular scents. Mats, clothing and personal hygiene should be odor-free. Cleanliness or purity (saucha), inner and outer, is interwoven in the practice of yoga.

Use the space mindfully. Please look out for each other. People can be shy in finding a space for their mat. If you have extra room, be generous with it. We were very intentional in figuring out how many people we could accommodate in each class. While our studio is cozy at maximum capacity, we will not reserve more spaces than will fit in the room.

Please make use of the props we have in the studio during your practice, and return them neatly to where they belong when you are finished with them.

Be cognizant of your volume at all times in the studio. We welcome community, but avoid idle chatter during class.

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Check out our Class Descriptions and Prices page or simply talk to us, in order to see which class is appropriate for you. While testing your edge in a practice can be invigorating or inspiring, learning by way of personal injury is rarely joyous.

If you are pregnant, please know that we have your best interests in mind. We went through it ourselves! OK, Ingrid did, but it felt like both of us… Anyway, although we’re not currently offering prenatal classes, our teachers are all very well versed in teaching modifications for pregnancy in regular classes. If you’re a newcomer to yoga, please first take a Level 1 class (except for Core Strength), a Level 1 with chair class or a restorative/Urban Zen class to get used to the language and physical shapes of a yoga practice. Your connective tissues and joints will be very loose because of the relaxin hormone in your body, so be very mindful to contain your movements with strength, and not go completely into your bendiness. This is a time when you have to be exceptionally focused on how your body is feeling, and your practice will change every day.

If you have just given birth, similar principles apply as for pregnant practitioners. Please tell our teachers ahead of time, and they’ll tell you modifications throughout the class so that your practice is about gathering your body back together gently. Please also consider being gentle with yourself – take a restorative class, an Urban Zen class, then start moving into Level 1, chair and the more challenging classes. Listen to your body!

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Meditation is a personal experience. The experience itself cannot be taught; it happens over time, sometimes a very, very long time. Yet, there are tools that make meditation easier to realize. We have learned meditation techniques that focus on the breath, scan the body for physical sensations, use mantra or simply observe our thoughts and attempt to neither attach nor avert from them. From our perspective, all of these techniques are valid and can be explored to see what works for you and your unique personality. Ultimately, we must sit on our cushion or chair, close our mouth and take some time to be still and quiet. It’s really that simple. The experience can be challenging (alright, painful even) or filled with elation, and sometimes both.

Meditation in a group is significantly easier than on your own, and like most everything else gets easier the more you do it. Instruction will be available to new students. Led meditation sessions will include a teaching or practice from a staff or guest teacher (these sessions will be noted on the schedule). We can accommodate students who cannot sit on the floor. Meditation sessions are donation-based for non-monthly members, free for monthly members. However, if there is a special guest speaker, we ask all participants to consider making a donation.

Our meditation sessions are open to all, novices to long-time practitioners. Please plan on arriving before the start of the meditation session to find a comfortable seat (a chair is fine!). Getting comfortable is 9/10ths of the challenge, so take your time to figure one out for your body. We welcome setting yourself up in a restorative pose, if you can stay awake. : )

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We offer mat rentals for $2, as well as mat storage for our monthly members at $12/mo.

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Membership is the foundation of our studio. It makes life easier for all of us. The beauty of becoming a studio member is that you can come to as many classes as you want. The more classes you attend, the cheaper they are per class.

Adult Monthly Membership – unlimited classes! $117
If you attend 6 classes per month, it only costs you $19.50/class
If you attend 8 classes per month, it only costs you $14.63/class
If you attend 10 classes per month, it only costs you $11.70/class
If you attend 12 classes per month, it only costs you $9.75/class
You get the picture!

Membership is auto-renew only, with a 3-month commitment. It can be put on hold for a minimum of two weeks, up to twice a year. Please allow 48 hours for us to cancel the policy.

Members also have the privilege of storing a mat in the studio, since there are limited slots. As noted above, mat storage is $13/month. Sure beats lugging that ginormous mat around town!

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Class Cards

For adults, along with membership, we offer drop-ins or a 10-pack for adult classes that expires within 4 months.

Kids or Tweens/Teens may either pay by the class or purchase a a pro-ratable season pass. We are parents too! We know how difficult it can be to get to scheduled classes with our children. We wanted to make it easy for everyone, so we’ve made the classes exceptionally inexpensive by NYC standards.

Check out the prices on the Class Descriptions and Prices page.

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