Class Descriptions and Prices

Our classes are designed for accessibility, wellness and challenge. Our prices are designed for accessibility and wellness. If they’re a challenge, come talk with us!

Please scroll down for class and package prices, membership descriptions and gift card links. Most of our classes are taught primarily in the style of alignment-based flow, uniquely attuned to the students in the class. The descriptions below provide more details.

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We still have our Introductory Offer of 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $39! Good for new students only, regular Adult Classes only. It’s an amazing deal. See if we’re the right fit for you!

Drop-in Adult Class (All Levels, Chair, Restorative):  $23

Adult 10-Pack Class Card: $185 (Expires 4 months from first use.)

Adult Memberships – unlimited adult yoga classes all month long!
* Auto-renew: $117 per month (can be put on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks, up to twice a year; allow 48 hours for policy cancellation). Teens over the age of 16 can apply for adult membership with owners’ approval. For auto-renew memberships, we request a minimum commitment of 3 months.

* Month-by-month, not auto-renew: $140 per month. This is for those months you know you’ll be here a ton, but you can’t commit to at least 3 months (what New Yorker can, LOL?). This membership can only be bought at the studio, not online.

Drop-in Kids Class (3-5, 6-9):  $33 (New Students Only Trial Class: $15)

Fall/Winter 2017/18 Kids (includes Tweens/Teens) 18-Week Session: $391. The season is pro-ratable from a later start at $23 per session. The season starts on September 7 and 8, ends on January 25 and 26. We skip September 21 and 22, November 23 and 24, and December 28 and 29, so there are a full 18 weeks of class scheduled although we’re only charging for 17 weeks to accommodate the varied public/private school vacation schedules. It’s a fantastic deal!

Drop-in Tweens/Teens Class (same 18-Week Session rate as above):  $33 (New Students Only Trial Class: $15). With the permission of parents and management, tweens/teens may attend adult classes at adult prices.

Parent and Child:  $36 (one parent/child pair), $15 for each additional child or parent.

Community Class and Meditation Sessions:  Donation Only – no minimum required. Free for members. However, we request that members consider donating for lectures/dharma talks and meditation sessions that are led by a teacher.

Private Sessions:  Please see the Private Sessions page for more information.

1-Hour Private Session in the studio: $150
1-Hour Private Session outside of the studio: $200 plus potential travel fee

Far Infrared Sauna:
  Please see the Far Infrared Sauna page for more information.
30-Minute Sauna Session: $25 for one person, or bring a friend and pay $15 each to share the sauna. It’s a bit tight for two if you don’t know each other! : )
Sauna 5-Pack: $117.50
Sauna 10-Pack: $225

Mat Rentals:

Mat Storage:
 $13 per month, for monthly members only.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  We offer a limited amount of volunteer opportunities. Please talk with us if you are interested.

Gift Cards: We have gift cards of every sort available online for you. They’re a great way to invite your friends and family to check out our offerings and get them on the yoga train! Here you go: Gift Cards!

Workshops: Our workshops vary widely in price. They all have the same policy, though: Workshop cancellations under 72 hours result in loss of payment unless your spot is filled. Credits to your account expire one year after they are issued.

To go right to our schedule, click here. To purchase a Class or Class Series, click on Online Store once you arrive at the schedule.



Level 1  These beginner classes help students develop a basic understanding of yoga and the common poses (asana) used in most classes. Modifications will be highly emphasized, so practitioners will be empowered to make adjustments on their own as they progress. Students will begin to observe and work with their breath and body positioning.

Level 1 with Chair  This class is great for all beginners as well as for all levels of practice! Often using chairs for support, these classes are appropriate for practitioners who are starting (or re-starting) their yoga practice, may have compromised mobility or injury, want to explore new ways to practice yoga, or simply want to discover yoga asana from a chair (great for bringing to the office!). These classes are intended to increase joint mobility and muscular strength, as well as breath/movement synergy. They may include, but will not require, sitting or lying on the floor. Time for meditation will also be integrated. For those of you who think Chair classes are “not for you”: These classes are a GREAT entry point for students OF ALL AGES AND BODY TYPES to gain an understanding of the movements and language of yoga, and can be quite vigorous! Advanced yoga practitioners love this class to explore new ways of practicing. * YOU WILL NEED A MAT FOR THIS CLASS. *

Level 1 – Gentle  This is a great entry-level and multi-level class for students desiring a moderately paced class with modifications and prop use. We’ll use chairs, walls, bolsters, and other props to help get the most out of foundational and restorative poses. Attention to alignment and safety will be stressed, and basic breathing exercises will be taught as well. This class is wonderful for students who have compromised ability or injury of some sort.

Level 1 – Core  This special beginner class is a mix of Level 1 as above, plus clear focus on core strength and (when Melissa teaches) a touch of Pilates-based exercises, so you feel a real difference in your whole torso! This is usually a more gentle class than our regular Level 1, but has a surprisingly powerful effect on your your entire core. THIS CLASS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN DURING PREGNANCY.

Level 1-2 – Core  This mixed-level class amps up the Level 1 – Core poses and intensity. You will certainly feel the strength of your torso here. THIS CLASS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN DURING PREGNANCY.

Level 2  These intermediate classes focus on alignment and precision. Overall body strengthening and flexibility will be emphasized. Breath linked with movement (vinyasa) will also be developed.

Level 3  These advanced classes focus both on advanced asana, breath/movement synergy, alignment and pranayama.

Level 1-2 or 2-3  These mixed classes accommodate both levels of their particular title, depending on who is in the room. Students should be mindful of their personal experience and adapt or avoid poses that may be more suited for other students in the class. And, as all advanced practitioners (should) know, no pose is ever too easy. There is always more to learn and explore.

Open Level  These mixed-level classes are challenging and safe, to accommodate a range of levels in the students, although they are NOT recommended for beginners. As in all classes, students should be particularly mindful of their personal experience and adapt or avoid poses that may be more suited for other students in the class. Be safe and stay healthy!

Open Level – Kripalu  This class, taught on Thursdays at 6pm, is a unification of various yoga styles with the compassion of Kripalu Yoga at the heart. Take a sacred time out in your life to reconnect to your soul…open, breathe, stretch and strengthen, as you explore your authentic expression of yoga. There is emphasis on anatomical principles of alignment and a safe and nurturing space for personal transformation. Individual attention and modifications are given, so all levels are welcome. This is a more gentle class than other Open Level classes on our schedule.

Iyengar Level 1-2 The Iyengar style is named after Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, a living master who has been developing this teaching method and practice for over 60 years. Iyengar yoga focuses on classic postures with a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise actions in the body. This therapeutic method is appropriate for anyone – regardless of age, degree of health or other perceived limitations. In addition to building and strength and flexibility, Iyengar yoga can help increase your ability to focus, observe, be present and relax. Because Iyengar teachers are required to pass on-going rigorous certifications, they usually reflect an especially high level of integrity and expertise. ATTENTION: Classes may follow a weekly theme! Week 1: Standing poses. Week 2: Forward Bends. Week 3: Backbends. Week 4: Restorative. Week 5: Miscellaneous.

Integrative Restorative  Focusing on a holistic approach to health, these classes are appropriate for all practitioners who would like to experience deep relaxation and restoration, and are extremely well suited for individuals who are dealing with more serious health issues but are also perfect for anyone wanting some restoration and TLC. The classes rely heavily on props and include gentle movement, restorative yoga, Reiki, breath awareness practices and aromatherapy. Several of the integrative restorative teachers are graduates of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Training Program.

Kids Classes  These fun classes are age-appropriate and help kids understand their bodies, build physical strength and flexibility, gain confidence and self-control, and hone their concentration and awareness. Currently on Thursday afternoons, we have one session for 3-5 year-olds and one for 6-9 year-olds.

Tweens/Teens Classes  These Friday afternoon classes are like adult classes, only better. And way cooler. Tweens and Teens who want to dive more deeply into yoga may also attend adult classes with the permission of parents/guardians, and of Stephan and Ingrid.

Parent and Child  These classes are for one parent with one child (6 years old and up, or younger if you think you can get away with it), but more parents and siblings can play along as well. This is an awesome way for a parent or parents to bond with their kid(s) on a parent/child “date” and explore yoga together. Kids love to see their parents try something new or challenging, right alongside them!We have changed the time and are now offering Parent & Child classes twice a month — once with older kids (7-12), once with younger kids (3-6). We are responding to your requests!!

*New Time: Sundays, 2:15 – 3:15pm (15 minutes later than before for an easier class transition!)
*Parents with 7-12 year-old children: 1/8, 2/5, 3/5, 4/23, 5/7, 6/4
*Parents with 3-6 year-old children: 1/29, 2/12, 3/12, 4/30, 5/21, 6/11
Meditation These meditation sessions are entirely guided by a teacher, so are especially well suited for beginners. We easily accommodate students who cannot sit on the floor. We respectfully request a donation for the teacher, in the tradition of meditation classes all over the world.

Private Sessions  We are available for private or semi-private sessions. We occasionally do sessions here at the studio, and can also do them in your home or for you or a loved one in the hospital. Hospital visits are an amazing way to jumpstart recovery and/or ease discomfort. Please see a more detailed description on the Private Sessions page.

Far Infrared Sauna  While perspiring in yoga class is both common and healthy, saunas can provide a wonderful complement to class for detoxification and stimulating your immune system. We have a two-person Far Infrared Sauna at the studio for use. Please see a more detailed description on the Far Infrared Sauna page.