About Upper West Side Yoga And Wellness

Stephan, Ingrid and Shakti having some quality family time!
Photo by Rob deSantos Jr. for Venture Photography.

So, you want to find out how Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness (UWS Yoga) was born?

We, the co-owners, are Stephan W. Kolbert and Ingrid A. Marcroft, an Upper West Side native and a transplant, as well as spouses, parents and business partners. Together since 1999, we suddenly realized that we really, really loved studying and practicing yoga and were each able to practice it in our own way, according to the needs of our very different bodies but, most importantly, side by side. We dove in deeply, did all kinds of awesome trainings, taught publicly and privately, and one day said: “Hmmm. Should we open a yoga studio in our very own neighborhood?” A dream was born.

We created Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness for two reasons:

• To create a way to live our passion while spending more time together as a family, and

A humorous YouTube welcome video for you!

• To serve the community we know, love and live in – a fascinating neighborhood filled with people of all ages, physical types and levels of health, who enrich us with diverse experiences, families, cultures, interests, orientations, religious (or non-religious) backgrounds and socioeconomic milieux.

We are very excited to see our dream become a reality. Thrilled. Psyched. Overjoyed! You get the picture!

If you’re…

New to yoga
• Looking for more depth in your practice
• Curious about meditation or have a meditation practice
• Looking for kids classes
• Working with compromised mobility
• Dealing with illness
• Looking for a community of like-minded folks (aka sangha)

…come check us out and use us as a resource for your well-being. We firmly believe that EVERYONE can practice yoga. We’re not here to pass judgment – we’re here to share, collaborate and explore. Join us!

Most of our classes are taught in the style of alignment-based flow, but are always uniquely attuned to the students in the class. We also offer Iyengar classes, vigorous (i.e., for all ages and strength levels) Chair classes, profoundly restful Urban Zen Restorative classes, Kids and Tweens/Teens classes, a Core Strength (Pilates-blend) class, and all kinds of cool workshops. Our Class Description page provides more details and will help you find your perfect fit. Check out our Schedule and come on by!